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12 Years in Beacon, NY

Welcome to Chill Wine Bar 

Built in a former Laundromat, Chill Wine Bar was formed out of the original circa 1895 interior with original floors and exposed brick walls. Recycled wood from and old barn here in Dutchess County was brought in to complete the interior.

Over the last 12 years we have strived to create a relaxed, quiet and chill wine lounge where you can come and relax on a date , with a spouse or a group of friends. The quiet atmosphere and the lack of televisions help create a great place for conversation and relaxation. 

We focus on simple wines by the glass that rotate periodically , a great bottled beer selection and a simple but robust food menu. Feel free to sit and relax with a glass of wine and order something to eat and share if you choose. 

We can come to you to order or if you like you can order at the bar. We let you order and dine at your own pace,  just let us know when you need something.

As you are relaxing, enjoying conversation and atmosphere we will bring you your check only upon request, that way you don't feel rushed and time passes gently through the night. 

We love hosting events, chill wine bar is available for special events, fundraisers and private parties just let the staff know or contact us:


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WHITE                                                           Glass     Bottle 

Prosecco  - Zonin - Italy.                                                      9         ——

Sauvignon blanc - Veramonte - Chile                                  9          32

Sauvignon blanc - Les Fumées - France                              11        38

Pinot Grigio - Della Scala - Italy                                             9          32

Chardonnay - Stone Cap - Washington                                 9          32

Gruner Veltliner - Skeleton - Austria                                      9          32

Rose - D’morgenzon - South Africa                                         9          32

Rose - Mas Janeil - France     11        38

Vinho Verde - Vilacetinho - Portugal                                      8         28

Riesling - Urban - Germany                                                   10       36

Moscato - Poggio - Italy                                                            9         28


Red Sangria - Homemade                                                       8

Sweet Shiraz - Jam Jar - South Africa      8         28

Pinot Noir - La Petite Perriere - France                               9         32

Carmenere - Santa Carolina - Chile                                     9         32

Shiraz - Man - South Africa                                                8         28

Malbec - Callia - Argentina                                    9         32

Cabernet - MAN - South Africa                                             9         32

Cabernet - Clos Robert - Chile              11       38

Merlot - Stone Cap - Washington                                          9         32

Red Zinfandel - Temptation - California                    9         32

Tempranillo - Baron De Ley - Spain                                       9         32

Montepulciano - Della Scala - Italy                                      10       36

Chianti Reserve - Toscolo - Italy.                                     9         32

Flight - Taste 3 wines by the glass ( Not Saturday)           10 

Fine Ruby Port                                                                        9

Ask about Special Wine’s by the Glass


2019 : Live Music Events

June 7th - Hey BUB performs

June 8th - Judith Tulloch Band

June 15th - Bert Rechtschaffer Jazz Trio

June 22nd - Mike Dopazo Jazz

June 29th - Barbacoa Jazz

July 5th - Carrie Zazz Band

July 6th - Ahifabet Jazz Group

July 12th - Fat Boy Brass Band

July 13th - Doug Drewes Jazz Trio

July 19th - Nellybombs

July 20th - Howland Wolves

July 26th - Dizzy Parker

July 27th - Crazy Feet Trio

Aug 3rd - Galen Pittman Quartet

Aug 10th - Special Event - Shannon Early Jazz group

as part of The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival

Aug 16th - Nellybombs

Aug 17th - Keith Gurland Jazz Group

Aug 24th - Rio De Samba

Aug 31st - Rich Rosenthal Jazz

Sept 7th - Daver Berger Jazz

Sept 14th - Judith Tulloch Band

Sept 20th - Nellybombs

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